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 Dear New Song Community,

God is good!  All the time! 

It has certainly been a challenging 2020 for the entire world, and for our New Song community, but we have been resilient and patient.  I’m excited to return to in-person worship (again) this weekend, and to see so many friendly faces—or perhaps friendly eyeballs!   As a reminder, there will be two services on Sunday, 8:30am and 10:00am.  Thank you to the 9:15 community for adjusting your schedules.  As we gather for worship this weekend, please continue the discipline of safety with masks, hand washing and distancing.  Anne Danielson, Jacqueline and Margaret Grunseich have reorganized our hospitality for the new worship times, and I thank them and all our hospitality folks for welcoming people into worship this weekend. 

Our sermon series is connected to a book I’m encouraging us all to read, “Simple Church.”  The goal of this book is to encourage congregations to simply grow disciples through worship, small groups and service.  Each week, we will explore the simplicity of God, of our faith lives, and of church.  Alongside this focus is the launch of small groups.  If you are not yet in a small group, I am inviting you (yes, you!) to consider forming a group.  Please reach out to me if you are interested and I can help!  So far we have about 10 groups and 60 people involved in a small group. 

Whether you join us online this weekend or in-person, we welcome you back to church!  Please invite your friends and family to participate.  Let’s prepare for a revival of connecting to Christ, to one another and the community around us.  God bless each one of you, may you be touched by the unwavering grace of Christ.    Rejoice in the Lord,  

Pastor Paul